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How to create a plan for your kitchen

1) Use a spirit level to check the level of floors and walls.

2) Take into consideration the height of your walls and the height of our wall units. Tall units come in 3 different sizes with wall units and dresser units to match. Are your ceilings tall enough to take these heights? Wall unit doors that lift vertically will need opening space.

3) Don't forget fixed features such as bulk heads, chimney breasts and boxing.

4) Contact us if you require your units 'dry fixed' - this is where the unit comes made up but no glue has been used. You can then easily take the unit apart to fit it around boxing in, etc.

Some points to consider with your layout :

  • The sink unit is usually positioned under a window.
  • Sink units and hobs should not be positioned too near or on a joint in a worktop.
  • Washing machines and dishwashers should ideally be positioned near the sink as this will reduce the amount of plumbing required.
  • Hobs require space on either side for pan handles.
  • Extraction units should be installed either near, or preferably on, an outside wall.
  • Don’t ‘box in’ any gas appliances as they require good airflow for correct operation and safety.
  • Are the existing services in suitable positions for your new kitchen layout, i.e. sockets and switches should not be positioned above hobs or cookers.
  • Will the new kitchen be user friendly and practical.
  • Wall units and the base units below them, should where possible, be the same width, so doors and handles line up.
  • Sockets should be around 150mm from the finished worktop to allow room for the plug top flex, they can of course go higher, if you know the size of tiles you are going to use, it is in my opinion easier to tile if the socket(s) are on the tile line.

We recommend you use qualified tradesmen if you're planning to move your services, such as plumbing, electrics and gas.

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