• Competitive prices - we don't have the expense of running a showroom
  • Free quotations and unlimited 3D designs
  • Samples hand delivered to your door - make leisurely choices in the comfort of your home
  • Extensive range of doors, cabinets and worktops for all budgets
  • Kitchens designed by Kitchen Fitters - rely on our knowledge and expertise

Why choose us?

We offer a comprehensive range of kitchen styles to suit every taste and lifestyle with over 50 classic and contemporary ranges. Manufactured by Europe's leading suppliers, we will guide you through the process of planning and creating your perfect kitchen.

modern navy blue shaker kitchen derbyshire
painted kitchen dresser display unit cottage derbyshire

Space management

Considered and accessible storage is crucial in your kitchen's design.

Think about what works and what doesn't in your current kitchen. We can help you make decisions on where things should be placed for a better flow.

A well-organised kitchen is a pleasure to use.