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  1. We are often asked if it is necessary to buy End Panels. This depends on the door style that you have opted for as most of the carcases match the doors almost identically.

    Some people do buy an end panel if they know the unit isn't going to butt up to a wall. An end panel can also be used to fill a small gap of about 20mm but a cheaper alternative would be to use a filler or a piece of plinth.

    In a high gloss kitchen it will be beneficial to purchase matching end panels for these as the carcases have a matt finish and would look dull against a gloss door.

    You may also consider buying end panels for painted kitchens as they will be colour matched.

    In some ranges there are tongue & groove end panels available which will add an extra decorative feature to your kitchen.

  2. Do you know your plinth from your pilaster?

    Ever wondered what on earth your kitchen designer is talking about? This guide explains all those kitchen terminologies in layman's terms.

    Base unit or Highline - A base unit fitted with a door only

    Drawline - A base cabinet fitted with both a door and a drawer fascia. The drawer is available as a working drawer or as a dummy fascia

    Drawer pack unit - A base unit made of a row of drawers

    End panel - An optional panel that usually matches the finish of the unit doors and is attached at the end of a run of cabinets

    Breakfront - A design feature which allows for cabinets to protrude forward from the main run of cabinets

    Plinth - A long panel that is fitted to the bottom of the base cabinets. It sits a little way back from the unit doors and is sometimes referred to as a ‘kick board’

    Pelmet - A decorative profile designed to fit to the underside of wall cabinets

    Cornice or Light pelmet - A decorative profile designed to fit on the top of wall and tall cabinets

    Mantel - a large over cooker accessory feature that creates the look of an open chimney breast

    Corbel - A decorative shelf support matched to the finish of the door

    Radius Feature End - A decorative curved component fitted to the side of a cabinet to create a design feature

    Pilaster - A decorative post usually used in a traditional style kitchen

    Island - A range of freestanding base units usually placed in the centre of a large kitchen

    Peninsula - An arrangement of cabinets usually attached at one end to either a wall or the main cabinet run